TruConnect APN Settings for Android & iPhone

TruConnect APN settings on Android and iPhone: If you are looking for the best way to connect to the internet on your mobile device. TruConnect offers fast and reliable 4G LTE and 5G service that keeps you connected when you need it most. It is easy to use APN settings making it simple to get started.

TruConnect APN Settings for Android

What are the TruConnect APN settings?

TruConnect is a popular SIM company in the United States. As of 2023, it has 1 million active subscribers/users. TruConnect APN settings will allow you to use the internet and send or receive MMS without any hurdle. The internet and MMS service of this network are fast, just like other networks.

Now you would not have to wait for the website to open or pic to download due to slow Wi-Fi Internet. You do have other options to use the internet, and the most suitable one is your wireless Celler Network.

This Network is also developed in providing their services. Basically, this is an MVNO that also offers free cell phones from the government, under the phone is usually called lifeline. The cell phone is 5 to 6 inches and is a Smartphone. It means you can also use the internet on it. This American Network operator is trying to do more. So it also Sells and offers Mobile data bundles, mobile text& talk packages, mobile hotspots, and phones.

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TruConnect APN settings for Android

TruConnect also offers Smartphones that are obviously Android but you will require internet usage on that mobile. You are always not if the internet would be available to you or not.

For that, you should have a backup plan. In this case, you will use the internet through a network, but it also needs the installation of APN settings. Here we have given APN settings for Android with a proper guide.

TruConnect APN settings for Android step-by-step guide

  • From your mobile home, Go to "Settings" / you can also search "Settings" in the search bar.
  • Now make sure that the "Airplane Mode" is not turned on.
  • Now go to " connections" or " wireless and connections".
  • Tap on " Mobile Network".
  • Now choose " Access Point Names"
  • There you will see a "+"sign, tap on that
  • Now enter the following settings as in your phone.

        Name: TruConnect


        Username: guest

        Password: guest

        Proxy: (Leave it blank- not set)

        Port: (Leave it blank- not set)

        Server:(Leave it blank)

        MMSC:(Leave it blank)

        MMS proxy:(Leave blank)

        MMS port:(Not Set)



        Authentication type:(none)

        APN Type: default, mms, supl

        APN protocol:IPv4/IPv4

        APN roaming protocol: IPv4/IPv4

        Bearer: (Unspecified)

        Mobile virtual network operator:(none)

MMS Settings

Smart MMS settings for Android. MMS also known as Multimedia Messaging Service is a standard way to send Multimedia Messages such as Photos, Short videos, GIFs, etc. to and from a mobile phone using the mobile network.

To set up MMS on Android, first go to the add Access Point Name option. To find this setting, go to settings and search Access Point Name

        Name: TruConnect- MMS

        APN: Internet

        Proxy: Not Set/Blank

        Port: Not Set/Blank

        Username: Not Set/Blank

        Password: Not Set/Blank

        Server: Not Set/Blank

        MMSC: Default

        MMS proxy: Default

        MMS port: Default



        Authentication type: Not Set/None

        APN Type: mms

        APN protocol:IPv4/IPv6

        APN roaming protocol: IPv4/IPv6

        APN enable/Disable APN: APN Enabled

        Bearer: Unspecified

        MVNO Type: None

        MVNO Value: Not Set

        Mobile virtual network:(none)

After entering all necessary details, click on save at the top right corner to apply TruConnect Mobile APN settings on your device. And then, you need to activate mobile data to connect your device to the internet connection. Once connected, you will see the 3G(H), 4G(LTE), and 5G networks.

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TruConnect APN settings for iPhone

Step1:Turn on your iPhone device, and Go to  "Settings". Now check whether the data is ON or OFF, and turn on your mobile data.

Step 2: On the settings of your iPhone, select "Cellular" from the list of options available there.

Step 3: And then finally select the " Cellular Data Network" and then complete the information one by one TruConnect APN settings as below,

Cellular Data:


        Username: guest

        Password: guest

LTE Setup(Optional):

        APN: internet

        Username: blank

        Password: blank

MMS Data:

How to enable MMS on TruConnect? TruConnect APN settings for iPhone and iPad. This will work on all models of iPad and iPhone.(eg. iPhone 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,Pro,Pro Max,SE)

After going to cellular data/ mobile data, scroll down to MMS and fill in the blanks according to the following below,

        APN: internet

        Username: Blank

        Password: Blank

        MMSC: unchanged

        MMS proxy: unchanged

        MMS Max Message Size: unchanged

        MSS UA Prof URL: unchanged

After entering all the necessary details, click on the "Home" button to apply new TruConnect APN settings on your iPhone or iPad, and then exit from the main screen.


In this above post, you get all the details of TruConnect APN settings, in an easy way. If you have any questions, please contact us through the mail. We also assure you that it will be of great help to more members of the community.

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